“I hate when scientists say things like, ‘This planet can’t have aliens because there’s no water, the atmosphere is wrong, or, my personal favorite, there is not enough heat to sustain life!’ Well, that’s because they are aliens. Who says they need any of those things to exist in the first place?”

Christina was convinced that it is impossible to think otherwise given her years of research. She was infuriated with this misdirected, humancentric mindset, and it was the topic of conversation at this Sunday, luncheon.

““Just because we don’t live there, doesn’t mean nothing else can’t.” Christina reasoned that at one time, scientists thought nothing could possibly live at the bottom of the ocean, because well, “all life needs sunlight to live, of course.”

Christina rattled on to her stuffy group of lady friends, “As a matter of fact, this was proven wrong after submarines were able to dive down 120 leagues under the sea. We discovered that life does exist at the bottom of the ocean, and it is not the barren wasteland as they had thought.”.

“The bottom of the ocean is teaming with much weirder and wonderful creatures, and may I add, even wackier than anything you ever saw on Star Wars.”

The friend stirring her coffee nervously, cringed her brow. She clearly had enough of this conversation.

“I don’t watch Star Wars, dear.” She said with smug satisfaction.

“Well maybe you should!”

“Just last week you told me your grandson was interested in getting a telescope. Did you know the largest space telescope in the world is located in Arizona and it’s called Lucifer? It’s owned, no less, by the Vatican!”

“Leave the Pope and my grandson out of this.” She retorted becoming a bit undone. “Can’t we just have coffee for once without all this crazy talk? Why can’t we just talk about astrology for example, much more interesting.”

It was clear she was mixing astrology with astronomy, a common mistake. “Astrology isn’t a science and what does that have to do with the creatures out there that we have yet to meet?”

Diana, the quiet friend, who never spoke unless she was agreeing with you, managed to summon up enough nerve to cut the tension in the air.

“I had a dream once.” She said looking around as if to ask permission to speak. “It’s silly but I dreamed I woke up one morning and found everyone else in my house still asleep and unable to wake up. Only it wasn’t my house, it was like, the whole universe.”

Diana gazed around waited for a response but she had the groups attention.

“I decided to send out a message on my computer to the universe to see if anyone else was awake.” She stopped and took a long pause.

“Well?” The group said in unison.

“I…I… found a new post blinking on my screen and it was titled “Anyone else awake?” It had only three comments. How could there just be three comments from the whole universe?”

Diana looked around wide-eyed and wondered quietly…

Perhaps we can ask “Lucifer?”

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