From Red Headed Book Lover:

“Vida Blue, where do I begin book lovers? How about I start with the fact that Vida Blue is a phenomenal, enchanting and thrilling romantic suspense novel that managed to keep me entertained and thrilled for hours on end, all thanks to the extraordinary author Susie Perez Fernandez. Vida Blue is a novel I knew I would love thanks to it being a romantic suspense novel, I adore romance novels however I dislike the type that features a cliché romance that is predictable and too lovey-dovey. I instead love when a romance novel is unique, thrilling and laced with many shocking but emotive moments and Vida Blue certainly has all of this and so much more.

As I read Vida Blue I found myself instantly charmed and captivated by the author and I felt this way until the very end thanks to Fernandez’s excellent plot development and fascinating characters. Vida Blue is undoubtedly a fantastic book that is full of a host of enthralling moments and splendid but also terrifying, and these factors combined with the fast-paced narrative and romantic story at the heart of the story make Vida Blue a compelling story that should be read, loved and certainly not missed!…” Read the entire review here.

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