Susan Fernandez August 2018 by Gio Alma
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Vida Blue is a beautifully written suspenseful love story and coming of age novel. Where did you get your inspiration from? 

Thank you Paige for taking the time to read Vida Blue. Thanks to your IG page and blog, this format helps writers like myself reach more readers. I’ve always had stories rolling around in my head but the idea and inspiration for Vida Blue came when I was a destination wedding planner in Italy. Sitting on that beautiful Amalfi coastline wondering how extraordinarily romantic it would be to live in Positano, Italy. It made be wonder, could love survive here if somehow lost the love of a lifetime and would such a place still seem romantic and beautiful? Does the location make love more solid or would the promise of eternal love between two people do that regardless of the location. What would a person be willing to do for love and what sacrifices would you make in order to keep a promise? I thought it sent a powerful message and it was then I decided the story needed to be told woven within the tapestry of many exciting locations around the world. Read the entire interview at OneMorePaige.

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