This book makes you feel like you are part of it, so thoroughly enjoyed , the writer anticipates all the questions that you may have, and answers them, she anticipates your feelings and tells the story so detailed that you can’t help falling in love with the characters and Positano, and it’s people. Highly recommend this book and look forward to more…
An Amazon Reader

You absolutely need to read it!
A friend recommended Vida Blue and I am beyond grateful and happy that I ended up reading it. The story will make you travel, laugh, smile and gives you goosebumps all along!!! Susie Fernandez is definitely gifted, I already recommended the book to a few friends of mine. Thank you for this amazing book.
An Amazon Reader

You will love reading it!
Because of the pandemic I was finally able to get some time for myself and finally read Vida Blue. I am finally able to read in English which is such a wonderful feeling for me since it is my third language. I am more than thankful this was my first reading in English. This made me travel and bring back memories from my last trips since I am from Italy it was so lovely to be able to picture myself traveling and exploring while we were actually stuck at home due to the Covid-19. Vida Blue will make you feel every type of emotion, I am so happy and recommend it to many of my friends.

Love the book! I read it in three days!
Ana Maria Ponce de Leon

I really liked Vida Blue. I am more than ready for the next one!
Ileana Vazquez

Miami Florida

With Vida Blue, Suzie Fernandez weaves a very captivating romance novel. Her vivid descriptions bring to life the colorful, real characters, their experiences and situations. She also paints an exquisite mental picture of the scenic beauty of romantic Italy, which left me yearning to travel there. Suzie is a skilled and talented writer, with a page-turner of a novel… worth reading!!

Diana Horn

Reading Vida Blue has been an amazing life changing experience!!! It made me believe in love again, what real love is all about, and that love conquers all! I have read many books in my life and traveled most of the world. I met many of people throughout my lifetime, and I have to say with great joy that I’m very happy to have been so deeply taken by this book – as well as having the pleasure and honor of knowing the author, an amazing and talented lady.

Mayda Menendez

VP Marketing, Pompano Beach Internal Medicine

Vida Blue is by far one of the best books I had ever read. Susie, the author (which my husband has the wonderful pleasure of knowing), is incredible. The book transported me to my Italian roots. It made me cry. I felt I was inside the drama while reading it.

Vida Blue is a great, great book. Can’t wait for the next one!

Ericka Caicedo

Mortgage Underwriters

Vida Blue is a great book to read this summer! It transported me to Italy.. and was filled with love, adventure, suspense and friendship that kept me turning the page and touched my heart. Congrats Susie Perez Fernandez on your amazing book. Susie does a wonderful job with character development and narrating the plot to make you feel in the middle of it all. Thank you so much for summer vacation reading book! I can’t wait for the next one ..

Jennifer Gowdy

Owner, TNP Aesthetics

“I had the chance to recently meet the author Susie, who is a wonderful person! Once you start reading Vida Blue you just want to keep on reading one page after another without stopping! Amazing person and very talented author!”

Marianne Lecron
Author of The Rabbit and The Moon

In Vida Blue by Susie Perez Fernandez, after suddenly losing her husband, Santos, a heartbroken Ari decides to return to the place they were going to make their future home, the idyllic coastal town of Positano, Italy. As Ari struggles to adjust to life alone, she meets Avinash, a successful, charismatic ladies’ man. Neither is looking for love, but the instant chemistry between them cannot be ignored. As their love deepens, an old enemy of Avinash resurfaces. He wants revenge and Ari becomes the main target. She turns for safety to Marcelo, a self made man with a dark tragic past. Ari discovers that all she had cherished has been built on lies. Marcelo’s friendship has an ulterior motive and the death of her husband has links to Interpol and Scotland Yard. Revenge and hatred are disguised behind the smiles of friendship. Ari tries to discover who she can trust while trying to stay alive. As the enemy closes in, Ari must decide if Avinash is where her future happiness lies. A story of love, heartbreak and dark secrets of the past, which will take you from Europe to Los Angeles.

The author has an excellent ability to build a scene that is visually compelling. The plot is superb and constantly moves forward at an enjoyable pace. It has so many layers that are slowly peeled away to reveal even more questions. The subplots are equally as strong, and have been cleverly entwined into the main story. There is a perfect blend of suspense, action and romance to keep the reader engaged. Each character is detailed and authentic, particularly Ari and her zany friends. The love scenes are heartwarming and together with the tension, as the enemy tries to find Ari, this book kept me gripped until the end. When I thought I knew what was going to happen, the story line would take me in another direction. If you love your romance novels to have a gritty realism, then this book is perfect for you.

Lesley Jones

from Reader's Favorite

Vida Blue by Susie Perez Fernandez is a suspenseful blend of romance and adventure with vivid and exciting settings. When Santos Echegui and Ariadne planned to buy a house in Positano in Italy, they couldn’t imagine life being different from being together. But they are separated by a tragedy that forces Ari to live alone. In this story of heartbreak and a woman’s gritty search for love and redemption, the reader follows Ariadne as she gets involved with Avinash Batra, a handsome man who will put Ari’s life in the cross fire between him and an old enemy. Meeting Marcelo seems to be the best refuge for Ari, but then she quickly learns that the sweettalking gambler could be more trouble than what he lets on. And can her group of female friends give Ariadne the protection and peace she hasn’t had since losing Santos? This is a spellbinding story that follows the climates of one woman’s heart. The premise is very strong. It opens with Santos, bent on accomplishing a dangerous mission, even against the wishes of the one he loves. He is hunting for important evidence in a desolate warehouse and combating inclement weather. The narrative is done in great and gorgeous prose and Susie Perez Fernandez gets readers to navigate the intricacies of the hearts of the characters. Ariadne is a well-imagined and beautifully written character who will remind many readers of real life situations — the pain of loss and the thrill of human embrace. I enjoyed the way the author captures the need to fill the void after one loses a loved one. The writing is filled with insightful lines and right from the beginning, in a stream of consciousness, the narrator uses a line that captures the stubbornness of heart that describes the humanity of the characters: “Why is it that when someone tells you not to do something, you seem compelled to do the opposite?” Vida Blue is a great read with real characters, a story that reflects the inner workings of the human heart in powerful ways. So real and so engrossing, with exquisite prose Romuald Dzemo

Romuald Dzemo

from Reader's Favorite

Vida Blue by Susie Perez Fernandez is the story of a young woman named Ariadne Cordero, who goes by Ari, as she deals with abrupt and unexpected changes in her life following the departure of her partner, Santos. Ari is the ideal woman: young, beautiful, intelligent, and wealthy. As she collects the pieces of her life and makes a transatlantic move, a series of introductions and men filter into her life in what, by all accounts, feel like happy accidents. As a renewed sense of affection and longing blossoms, Ari questions her feelings and motives. It isn’t until she is catapulted into the dark machinations of danger that lurk behind every smile and around every corner that Ari is forced to confront a life – her own life – in danger and a heart that yearns to live and love once more.

Vida Blue by Susie Perez Fernandez will sweep readers across the globe with a narrative and plot that cross borders nearly as much as the story itself steers the heart rate up. This is an action romance, something we don’t come across as often as we’d like, and the scheming that is drawn out by the author is spectacular. The characters are engaging (particularly Ari and her friends), and in a rich twist that starts at the book’s beginning, the reader is hooked with questions, the answers to which are only slowly revealed. It’s rare to find a story where every page is packed with suspense, but the pacing is even-handed and smooth. In less skilled hands Vida Blue might have felt rushed, but Susie Perez Fernandez has written a book that provides a perfect blend of energy, action, and…of course…romance.Jamie Michele

Jamie Michele

from Reader's Favorite

I was hooked with Ariadne and her struggles because she was so true to life. Vida Blue definitely grabs you and takes you on a ride and you may not want to return to the real world.

Mayda A. Menendez

President, Marketing Group of America

It’s not often that you can find a novel that is so multifaceted. It appealed to every part of my personality; adventure, romance, and moments of laughter all in one. Vida Blue reeled me in and kept me wanting more page after page.

Christine Xoinis

Creative Director, Ethos Create

I was totally gripped by the novel The Greatest PM of India. A brilliant evocation of human struggle and love of country which might occur anywhere and to anyone. The kind of novel that surprises one with its depth; it is a novel that will last

Randeep Johar

Student, SRM University

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