The White Peacock

The White Peacock by Susie Perez Fernandez

Curious New York travel writer Bibiana Tobey is in India trying to forget her editor boyfriend, Jason, and doing research for her adventure novel that unexpectedly mirrors the life of Prime Minister hopeful Javed Aamir Shah.

On a scorching day in Delhi, law student Jai Mehta gets carried away by his fervor as he protests against the powerful and influential Shah and entices the crowd to follow him.

Bibiana is caught in the midst of the turmoil, and their two worlds collide. Once the dust settles, the police are far too eager to arrest Bibiana, and Jai soon learns she’s being charged as a spy.

Compelled by honor and justice, he must help the beautiful American, but in the process he’ll have to come clean about his own activities to a powerful Mumbai attorney – who just happens to be his father. In the meantime, Bibi is being transferred to a half-way house for women by the Chief of Police – who has fallen for her charms.

Will Jai’s father risk his illustrious career to help his son and the beautiful American he’s trying to save? The sparks fly in all the wrong ways when they finally meet or, is the widowed attorney’s attraction and longing for her the real reason for helping Bibi.

Bibi’s fate rests in the hands of many, and she must choose who her heart will trust once more.

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