Vida Blue

Vida Blue by Susie Perez FernandezAriadne and Santos dreamed of life in the rich culture and beauty of Positano. But when tragedy strikes, it’s the first place Ari thinks of, beckoning her to return to the Amalfi Coast…alone.

In her brokenness and striving to put her life back together, Ariadne meets Avinash Batra, a handsome, seductive playboy. Before long, desire and doubt take over. Is she falling in love or just looking to replace Santos?

When an enemy from Avinash’s past resurfaces, thirsty for revenge, Ari becomes the bait and her life is capsized once again.

Not sure if she’s running from her feelings or fleeing for her life, she turns to Marcelo, a suave Italian gambler with dark secrets of his own, only to find he’s not quite who he seems to be. Ari leans on a zany troupe of female friends for support, but will revenge ruin her second chance at happiness?

She doesn’t know if the love of a lifetime can embrace a person more than once.

But she’ll have to stay alive to find out.

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